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Rough Game Quidditch

Quidditch Groupies

Quidditch Groupies
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Quidditch Groupies was created in mind for all of those obsessed with the game or the players in the game. This includes any and all players from any of the four house teams, past or present. Like say, James was seeker in his day, if you wanna write or swoon about him, yay! If you wanna talk about how much Cho rawks, go right ahead. The whole point is to spread the love. <3

Some Simple Rules

When posting fics, drabbles, etc please use ratings and put anything Nc-17 under a cut. They can be any length, any time, any place, but they must involve Quidditch or at least one of the quidditch players. Also, if you write about a quidditch player it doesn't have to involve quidditch.

example: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint. Both Quidditch Players, but you don't have to write quidditch into the fic because you are writing about players. See? Just as well, if you are writing about a quidditch game or anything pertaining to it, you can include whomever you like into the fic (like quidditch groupies.) Just remember to make either Quidditch or a player part of your fic and all is good. (:

Other Comments: Other comments and conversations are welcome as long as they pertain to the subject of quidditch or the players. (I know I sound uber redundant.) You can ask questions that pertain to the game, what's a wronski feint, that sort of thing, what position so-in-so played, etc. You get the point. Spread the Quidditch love and Have fun!

Here is a vonderful link to the HP Lexicon with lists of all the players, and the moves, and all thigns Quidditch! Woot! http://www.hp-lexicon.org/quidditch/quidditch.html